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Nakkaştepe Sitesinde bir villa
LOCATION : Nakkaştepe İstanbul
YEAR : 2013
CATEGORY : Interior Design House

The villa located with a view of bosphorus,has been decorated with transparent elements to get the open space feeling from outside.The level differences has played a great role in functionning the living space,and we chose the fireplace & mezannine area as the focus point of the living room.We had a two flat height in this area which allowed us to locate a giant 3m wide oval chandelier-a great chance to double the amount of sunlight coming from long and narrow windows.The design colors has been white, salmon, soft pinks with custom design furniture collection of Interior Designer Leyla Doğrular.

We have seperated two seating lounges with a josephine and has chosen the armchairs suitable to use for both lounges if needed.The column design in the middle of the living space has been one of the basic focus point of the space.The pattern carpet has been designed and executed by Step Halı.The mirrored traditional round coffee tables has been produced by Savaşlar Ferforje.The parquette from Şerifoğlu Parquette