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Lee Cooper Showrooms / Güneşli
YEAR : 2020
CATEGORY : Showroom Decoration Interior Design
SCOPE :Architecture, Decoration, Interior Design

Kipaş Bozkurt showrooms are located in Güneşli, İstanbul in their own factory. With the giant iron beams and the high industrial ceiling we could achieve a fantastic look which motivated us to create better solutions for the space. The showroom starts with the etchnical luxury style pattern glass and antique furniture we supplied from Çukurcuma, the old part of the city İstanbul.
This area continues with the high technology Zoom Meeting room for 12 persons. Going to Lee Cooper showrooms, we pass through two meeting lounges, one is Bozkurt Showroom and the other one is Kipaş Showroom hidden by the iron perforated seperators on the way. One of the meeting area is designed as 12 persons oak custom designed meeting table which is close to the iron wheel display unit on the floor which helps to check the wash quality of the jeans. The other meeting table on the other end is an antique oak table supplied from Çukurcuma close to the dressing cabinet which is hidden at the back of the green wall decoration.
We designed an extra enterance for Lee Cooper Turkey showrooms, this is a colorful extension to the building from 1st floor. It is an iron construction, connected to the building which is decorated with colorful glass to make a view to the lounge area. We made this area divided into two, to create a smoking zone to the lounge area.The facade on the way is decorated with iron boxes as a space for vases of organic vegetables.The design is also avalaible for hydroponic facade.This idea is also matching with sustainable philiosophy of the Firm Kipaş. We have been chosen to attend Re-thinking The Future 2020 Architecture,Construction and Design Awards with this project.
Scope is 1000m2 , it is a turn key project which has been completed in two months.