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Perfect Relax Restorant / Aktau, Kazakistan
YEAR : 2015
CATEGORY : Restaurant Decoration Interior Design

The Restaurant and Lounge Areas

The complex located in Aktau, a city of Kazakistan has 7350m2 designed with two glass pyramids combining with a concrete structure to build two seperate zones with two different functions.In Spa Zone, there is one open and one indoor pool,a traditional hamam,sauna,steam rooms,resting areas.With the same enterance,you can lead to fitness areas upstairs including Man Fight sports,Aerobics,Pilates,Yoga,Children play areas.All the architectural and interior designs of spaces has been executed and followed through in one year.The Entertainment Zone has been located inside the other pyramid and included night club and lounge areas.The complex has opened in 2015.The pictures seen from the first skecthes can give you an idea for the functional use of space in a narrow and long space decoration.We used white counter top bar to give more ligth to the space.We had the light only from the two ends of the space so we added broken lighted glass and mirrors to give it a mysterious affect.