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Aykuthall Showroom /Çukurcuma,İstanbul
LOCATION : Çukurcuma,İstanbul
YEAR : 2003-2014
CATEGORY : House Decoration Showroom

AYKUTHALL architectural interiors has opened its’ showroom LIELA STORE; 30m2 optimum living space, with the philosophy of its own decoration style..The inspiration was the smallness of space, especially like in Europe, and it has been located in the mysterious city Istanbul in Taksim..In this area all the general needs of a single person has been provided with a stylish decoration.
The showroom is a contemporary version of French studio decoration style, starts from a little antre/kitchen area, leading to a general living space..The seating area has kept its elegance with a library/bed module..The decoration concept has been, to use the exchangeable furniture and add or remove some of the parts according to needs.

All the furniture designs belongs to architect Leyla Dogrular..