PROJECT : Aykuthall Ofice
LOCATION : Çukurcuma,İstanbul
YEAR : 2015
CATEGORY : Interior Design Office

Architectural Interiors company has always considered their design team to be in a peaceful atmosphere, decorating their own showrooms/offices with the same attitude as in their projects.Aykuthall,which has been in Çukurcuma over ten years has moved to Greek Consulate street in 2014.The meeting area with the fantastic view of Haghia Sofia and Topkapı Palace decorated by owner architect Leyla Doğrular Simpson.
The office building is one masterpiece example of Art Nouveua style buildings constructed in 20.Century between Galatasaray and Taksim.With the protected high ceilings,old mouldings,renovated wood floors,you are having a mystic visit to past with todays comfort and decoration.You can also have the advantage of seeing all the materials used in your project,at the same time with the help of sample room.

In the previous showroom, the inspiration was the smallness of space, especially like in Europe, and it was located again in Taksim..The showroom was a contemporary version of French studio decoration style, starts from a little antre/kitchen area, leading to a general living space..The seating area has kept its elegance with a library/bed module..The decoration concept has been, to use the exchangeable furniture and add or remove some of the parts according to needs..