PROJECT : Yüzevler Restaurant Frenchise
LOCATION : Göztepe, Adana, Maslak, Batı Ataşehir
YEAR : 2012
CATEGORY : Restaurant Decoration Interior Design

The branches in Goztepe,Adana and Bati Atasehir has been designed and constructed by Aykuthall.Special seating lounges and country style has been the focal point of the decoration style.From the projects of Yüzevler,in pictures, you can realise the upstairs concept has been finalised by the connection of many spaces together which let us make a long and narrow space with rounded seating lounges.Also in the other branches Maslak,Göztepe,Batı Ataşehir Dostlar, we used these round seating lounges with more traditional decoration style.