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Orta Anadolu Denim Showroom / Harbiye İstanbul
LOCATION : Harbiye İstanbul
YEAR : 2004
CATEGORY : Perakende Showroom Dekorasyon İç Mimari

Orta Anadolu Denim Showroom has been designed as a special meeting point for designers,where fashion shows are exhibited,meetings has been arranged for the clients from all over the world. All the renovation has started from construction,the infrastructure has been executed and followed as a turn key by Aykuthall.This showroom has been published in many articles,as it has been a precious example of Eclectic design philosophy of the interior designers’.You can see a green truck chair combined with an old cinema chair and Aykuthall’s design furniture collection.

‘The space was long and narrow,whom let us make a ceiling made of mirror and recessed lights in the floor which helped to build a catwalk for models to walk in a fashion show.’

The space is 600m2, needed time for decoration was 3 months.